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Pyramid Klondike


Pyramid Klondike is a nice little card game that is very easy but not too popular. The way the game works is you have to combine 2 cards to a total value of 13 and try to remove all cards, but there are exceptions the king:13 can be removed as a single card, Queen: 12, Jack: 11, and the Ace: 1. There are seven piles of parts ranging from one to seven cards. In the bottom left there is a deck of 21 cards you can also use to remove the cards and add two cards together to get 13. The top left is the pile of all the completed cards and the ones that were added to 13. The time on the right which starts at four minutes and constantly keep decreasing shows the time you have to complete the level, there is 5 levels and for every completed level you get a score which will be added to your total score which can be seen in the high score leaderboards.