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Apartment Match


Stack apartments and create a stack of 3 of the same apartments to remove those.

Apartment match is another fun game where you have to match up 3 apartments of the same kind on top of each other to erase them. Each level is one-minute long and to complete a level you need to meet the goal, the goals displays the number of apartments that have to be removed before you can move on to the next level. You have a timer that is displayed in a crane with red color behind it, the closer the red color is to the ground the sooner it will place the apartments where the cursor is. But you can skip that time with a left click and by left clicking and dragging the 2 apartments that are about to drop down you can move them from the top to the bottom of the crane. There also is a high score leader board which means to the people who like beating other peoples records and who like to be competitive they will have a lot of fun and time to put in.