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2048 UFO


2048 Ufo is your typical 2048 game with a UFO theme to it that gives you a whole new experience. The point of this game is to get a UFO with a certain number that is shown on the right. The first level asks for the UFO with the number 64 so you start out with UFO’s that have the number2 and you can move them left, right, up and down to add two of the same kind of UFO so they multiply by 2 so basically if you have two UFO’s with the number 4 they will add up to eight. The maximum amount you can get in the final level is 2048 which is the title of the game. There are six levels and each of them gives you a score that will add up to your total score. Your total score will rank you in the high score leaderboards found in the main menu.